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    Storm Debris Cleanup & Removal

    Debris Removal ServicesTree 16 serves as a major partner in disaster response and debris cleanup nationwide. After a devastating storm hits, our rapid response teams deploy to the area with emergency tree service equipment and storm debris removal crews.

    We have served on the ground as both prime contractor as well as subcontractor in response to several natural disasters, including: hurricanes, tornadoes, derechos, wind, snow and ice storms.

    Tree 16 serves property owners with disaster response and debris removal services. We deploy state-of-the-art equipment and trained manpower to remove hazardous branches, trees and stumps from land and structures.

    Brush and debris is hauled off and disposed in accordance with all EPA & state regulatory guidelines.

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    Debris Removal Services

    Storm & Hurricane Tree Cleanup

    High winds, snow and ice put damaging pressure on trees, causing many to topple during severe weather. Dead branches, limbs and entire trees can be scattered across your property. Our storm damage cleanup teams will visit your property, assess cleanup requirements and deploy a team to remove downed trees, limbs and debris. In addition to tree debris, we can collect and haul off other types of debris from your property to make cleanup easier on you.

    Contract Storm Debris Removal

    We contract with federal, state, county and municipal authorities to perform contract debris removal services. We haul tree limbs, branches, brush and vegetative materials from curbside locations and deposit at designated areas. In accordance with EPA and FEMA guidelines for debris separation, debris for pickup is to be sorted into six different categories, each of which may be picked up by a different contractor.

    1. Household Garbage – bagged trash, food, packaging, papers
    2. Construction Debris – building materials, drywall, lumber, carpet, furniture, mattresses
    3. Vegetative Debris – tree branches, leaves, logs, brush
    4. Household Hazardous Waste – oils, batteries, pesticides, paints, cleaning supplies, compressed gas
    5. White Goods – refrigerators, washers, dryers, freezers, air conditioners, stoves, other appliances
    6. Electronics – televisions, computers, radios, stereos, DVD players, phones

    Stumps Leaners & Hangers Removal

    We work with local authorities through government contracts to coordinate the survey and removal of stumps and hazardous trees (leaners & hangers). Leaners are trees that are leaning precariously and put people or property at risk. Hangers are limbs that hang dangerously at risk of falling.

    Insurance Claims Experts

    It’s not uncommon for our emergency tree services to be covered by insurance policies. Should your property include claimable damage, our team will help you navigate the claims process providing documentation and working with our team of third-party public adjusters.

    Our tree service fleet includes:
    • Late-model bucket trucks equipped with chip dump body
    • Knuckle boom grapple trucks with dump trailer
    • High-capacity wood chippers

    Debris Removal FAQ

    What kind of events do you follow?

    We regularly work storm situations that cause severe and widespread tree damage, including:

    • Hurricanes
    • Tornadoes
    • Floods
    • Ice Storms
    • Wind Storms
    • Snow Storms

    What kind of clients do you serve?

    We work with a range of residential, commercial and governmental clients, including:

    • School Districts
    • Municipalities
    • Counties
    • States
    • Federal Government
    • Homeowners
    • Building Owners
    • Associations
    • Landowners

    What kind of documentation do you provide?

    Our documentation process helps you obtain 100% of eligible reimbursement. 

    Every load of debris that is hauled is logged as well as all hazardous limbs recorded and every tree cut documented.

    • Real time turnaround of all submitted documents (debris assessments, work sheets, load tickets, daily reports) 
    • 100% fully reconcilable documents for your agency and/or monitoring firm
    • 100% accountability for Federal/state/county/municipal audits up to seven years
    • On site administrative and accounting assistance
    • Reporting systems meeting FEMA regulations/guidelines

    Do you remove trees from structures?

    Yes! In fact, that’s one of the main things we specialize in. Our team is uniquely trained to remove a tree that fell on your home, commercial building or other structure. We take great care to safely remove the tree while minimizing damage done to the structure itself. We can also arrange to have the structure sealed, so it’s water tight until permanent repairs can be arranged.

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    Do you remove non-tree debris?

    Yes! When disaster strikes, it’s not uncommon for brush, branches, trees and trash to be mixed together in the mess left behind. Ask us about a total debris cleanup option for your property.