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    Professional Stump Removal Services

    Stump Grinding ServicesAfter your tree has been removed, it’s important to deal with the stump. A stump left behind presents a safety hazard and attracts pests. Give your property a clean slate by removing nuisance stumps.

    When it comes to ridding your property of tree stumps, you have options.

    Services include stump grinding to grind the stump down several inches below grade and total stump removal where we remove the stump and primary root ball from the ground.

    Tree 16 provides stump removal and grinding services for trees we remove or for those nuisance stumps that litter your property. Don’t allow tree stumps to take up valuable space.

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    Stump Grinding Services

    Stump Grinding

    Stump grinding is the most common way to deal with tree stumps. A stump grinder uses a high speed disk with teeth that chews through the stump and roots grinding them into small wood chips.

    Stump grinding is done in passes by lowering the grinding disk into the stump and using the grinder’s controls to laterally chew through the stump in passes.

    The stump is ground to a level 12″ or more below the ground surface, and the remaining hole can be filled with wood chips or soil. Ask us about options.

    Total Stump Removal

    An alternative to stump grinding, total stump removal uses heavy equipment to pull the stump from the ground, along with its root system. This type of stump removal is more expensive and requires site access for larger equipment.

    Some site limitations may prevent total stump removal from being an option. As the stump and root system is dislodged, total stump removal disturbs a larger area of soil around the stump. Stumps located near a sidewalk, foundation, structure or buried lines, are not good candidates for total removal.

    5 Reasons stumps should be removed:
    1. Stumps can attract termites, ants and other pests
    2. Stumps don’t look good in a well-manicured property
    3. Stumps may continue to grow and sprout shoots 
    4. Stumps present a tripping hazard to people in your yard
    5. Stumps may harbor disease that can spread to surrounding plants

    Stump Grinding FAQ

    Can I plant a new tree on the previous location of a stump??

    Experts suggest you don’t plant a tree directly over a ground stump, where a large portion of the stump remains below the surface. Instead plant it adjacent to the stump at least three feet away. This will allow ample room for root formation and drainage.

    However, if you need to plant a tree in the same location, ask us about total stump grinding or total stump removal to make sure there is no hinderance to root growth underground.

    Do you remove debris after grinding?

    We offer different levels of service depending on what you want and need. If you would prefer to keep the remaining wood chips, we can leave them behind. Some clients choose to have us haul the debris off for recycling or disposal.

    What is the cost for stump removal?

    Home Advisor suggests that average tree stump grinding cost ranges from from about $165 to $495. Large stump grinding or total stump removal costs can range to $500 or more.

    There are several factors that go into the cost of tree removal. These include: size of stump, location of stump, site accessibility, mobilization/travel requirement for one tree or multiple trees, debris disposal requirements and more.

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    Will you fill in the hole after removal?

    Yes, we will take care of filling the hole. Generally, it’s filled with a mix of wood chips and soil left behind from grinding. However, if you’d like all soil, just ask.

    How long does it take for a stump to rot on its own?

    Depending on the tree species and the local environment, stumps can take up to 15-20 years to completely rot and decompose.